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Avoiding the IRS Tax Audit Saturday,

by Vanessa Saunders AVOIDING THE IRS AUDIT NET The IRS recently announced they will be stepping up their tax return audits after several years of heavy reliance on correspondence audits. Their mission is to help fill the tax gap. The area...

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Buyer Advice for Purchasing a Home

by By Phoebe Chongchua January 30, 2009 There's a lot of doom and gloom being spread in the media about the housing market and overall turbulent economy. But, if you're in a position to take advantage of falling housing prices, getting a lo...

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The Financial Markets – How We Got Here

by RISMEDIA RISMEDIA, February 17, 2009-In retracing the steps that brought our financial markets to a standstill, it’s hard to ignore the footprints of the rugged individualists who turned the investment world into a recreation of the wil...

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The Crisis of Credit

by Vanessa Saunders For those of you who’d like a 101 course on the mortgage implosion in order to understand how lending, credit, the subprime market, investment banks and Wall Street are intertwined, media designer Jonathan Jarvis has cr...

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Depression Designs

by New York Times A New York Times piece draws comparisons between some of this century’s lowest economic points, and the stunningly good design work that came out of them. Michael Cannell postulates that depressions and recessions result ...

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When will we hit bottom?

by James Hagerty - The Wall St. Journal Homes Listed For Sale Plummet Across 96% Of Major U.S. Markets If you asked an economist why home prices have broadly fallen over the past 2 years, you'd get a short lesson in Supply and Demand. ...

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Tax Credits for Homeowners

by Vanessa Saunders Understanding housing tax credits. It’s that time of year again - tax season. Here is a useful article that breaks down the details of the housing tax credits . Please feel free to call me at 845-598-5083 or Ema...

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