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The China Syndrome

by Vanessa Saunders 你 好 ( means hello, pronounced "knee-how") Global Hotspots Where are Chinese investors looking at property around the world? SUPER HOT CITIES London New York Sydney Paris San Francisco P...

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Invest in the USA!

by Vanessa Saunders New York is currently the #3 choice for global investors and GPS real estate (Global Property Systems) is here to help. Our team of multilingual professionals are members of FIABCI, and Certified International Property an...

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The Global Hunt for Homes

According to a recent article in the Wall St. Journal by Sanette Tanaka, foreign buyers are willing to pay top dollar for second homes abroad, but the location needs to be a safe bet, according to a coming report on foreign ownership. Th...

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Where in the world are all these buyers coming from?

It's been just over two years since the American housing market hit its lowest point, in March, 2012. We are just starting to see a heartbeat in the market again here in the Lower Hudson Valley. One significant contributing factor to the up-tic...

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How to paint your antique home

by Vanessa Saunders When considering what paint to use, homeowners have several options. The first is to simply choose what you like and forget being true to the period of the house. At the opposite end of the decision spectrum is the choice...

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Insurance for an older home

by Vanessa Saunders If you're assuming that all homeowner's policies are the same, you could be setting yourself up for a major disappointment if you need to file a claim. When shopping for insurance for your historic house does "full replac...

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Why buy new when old will do!

by Vanessa Saunders Old Home vs New Home There's something to be said for brand spankin' new construction but you just love an Antique Home?...weighing the pros & cons. Advantages to Buying an Older Home Old world construction. ...

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Montgomery Schuyler Roosevelt House

by Vanessa Saunders As a former Brit but now proud citizen of the USA it still never ceases to amaze me at how little regard there is for historic buildings in this country. While I understand that old buildings, and I'm talking C. 17/1800's...

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