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Investment opportunites for Chinese buyers.

by Vanessa Saunders Beijing lawyer Chang Li is heading to the United States on a shopping trip, looking not for designer clothes or jewelry, but for a $1 million home in New York or perhaps California He expects to get a bargain. Li is p...

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International Buyers Jump On American Properties

by Vanessa Saunders The world is cashing in on American real estate prices, as more and more overseas private and corporate buyers are snapping up homes and commercial properties in the upstate New York area. And the buyers aren’t afrai...

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Who’s Investing in Real Estate?

by Vanessa Saunders "Who are today’s investors? Most people’s perception is that investors are only lawyers, doctors, and Donald Trump-like people. If you think this way, you have been misinformed... far more deals now are being done by ...

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Whose Buying America?

by Vanessa Saunders Over 80% of GPS real estate's buyers are from overseas... Where are Global Buyers Searching in the United States?® recently released data regarding the top countries (outside the U.S.) where consume...

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The China Syndrome

by Vanessa Saunders 你 好 ( means hello, pronounced "knee-how") Global Hotspots Where are Chinese investors looking at property around the world? SUPER HOT CITIES London New York Sydney Paris San Francisco P...

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