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How did YOUR high school rate this year?

One of the most asked questions REALTORS® get from buyers is "What are the schools in this area like?" Unfortunately, we can't tell them. Not because we don't know, but because it would constitute a violation of the Fair Housing Act an...

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Applying for a mortgage? Get your ducks in a row

Buying a home is a giant step for most of us. Usually it comes with an equally giant responsibility - the mortgage! Getting the right kind of mortgage and one you can afford is critical in becoming a successful home owner. Home buyers, especi...

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The top ten issues affecting real estate today

Each year, the CRE® External Affairs Committee engages The Counselors of Real Estate®’s membership to determine which issues will influence the real estate industry most significantly, both in the near-term and in the long-term. (CRE®s)...

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