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Our dog’s tips for quarantine.

By Vanessa Saunders, MBA, MIMC , Broker Owner, Global Property Systems

Quarantine brings all of us closer, no closer than to our pets. In honor of National Puppy Day, these are some tips Harry and Dobson here at Doggie Epicenter wish to share with us, to help us get through quarantine

Dobson surviving the quarantine.

Get plenty of rest.
Sleep anywhere. On or under the bed, in a sunny spot on the front lawn, on the sofa, in front of a door, on freshly folded clothes, on your back, in the middle of the floor, especially in the room with the oriental rug. Be sure to snore, chase squirrels in your dreams, and bark.

Stay active.
Chase the cat. Chase your own tail. Sprawl on a sweater. Chase a car. Roll on something really smelly you’ve discovered in the yard. Get scared by something—anything, and bark.

Bathe regularly.
Lick your crotch. Now lick a human. Bark.

Communicate with friends and family.
Start barking at 6 a.m., for no reason at something outside. Howl at birds. Whine in front of the closet where your food is kept an hour before dinnertime.

Maintain a balanced diet.
Eat a wide variety of foods. Chew a shoe. Dump food onto the floor from your bowl. Eat grass. Steal a piece of cheese from an unattended plate. Bark at your empty bowl. (see “Communicate With Friends and Family” above.)

Stay hydrated.
Drink plenty of water, ideally from a toilet. Bark.

Take on a project.
Hide all your toys under the couch. Chew up a book. Pull apart your owner’s favorite chair. Rub against every article of clothing you can find. Establish a new toilet spot in the vegetable garden. Next door.

Watch something outside the window for five minutes. Be sure to bark.

Practice social distancing.
Stay away from the cat. Bark if you want to.


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