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13 Patio Upgrades for the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Ultimate patio upgradesDuring the warmer months, many homeowners want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. By making the right patio upgrades, you can take any basic space and make it amazing. Some of the updates add convenience, while others are all about elevating the style. Some even do both, all while also increasing your property value.

If you are looking for great ideas for your outdoor patio, here are 13 patio upgrade ideas that are worth considering.

13 Patio Upgrades for the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

1. Pizza Oven

When it comes to cool outdoor patio ideas, it’s hard to beat a wood-fired pizza oven. You can cook a delectable meal outside, for one. For another, pizza ovens tend to look amazing.

While a pizza oven is one of the more unconventional ideas for an outdoor patio, it’s also a showstopper. Family members, friends, and neighborhoods will all be intrigued by your new addition to the space. Plus, if you plan on listing your home soon, a pizza oven cannot only bring value but also makes your home more memorable to buyers, setting you apart from other properties in the area.

2. Portable Firepit

While spring, summer, and autumn days can be quite warm, nights may still be much cooler. That’s why adding a portable firepit is one of the best patio upgrade ideas around. A lovely fire is a great way to counter chilly temperatures, ensuring your space feels cozy all year-round.

There is a slew of options for mobile firepits. Some propane-fueled models can be relocated with ease, even though they look permanent. Braziers and chimineas are also great options, particularly if you prefer a wood-burning fire pit.

3. Built-in BBQ Grill

If you’re looking for cool outdoor patio ideas that are also incredibly convenient, it’s hard to go wrong with a built-in barbecue grill. It makes cooking outside about as simple as possible and lets you add a desirable feature to your backyard.

While a built-in grill can be an investment, it may be worthwhile if you love grilling during the warmer part of the year. Plus, you can add in prep space and, if you run power to it, could even install a mini-fridge, giving you almost a complete outdoor kitchen.

4. String Lights

String lights are a versatile option for illuminating a patio area. They can be easily strewn across awnings, fencing, trees, or walls, allowing you to add some light without having to install traditional fixtures.

Many string lights also have color options. By opting for RGB LEDs or similar types, you can adjust the hue with a handy remote. It’s a great way to quickly change the space’s mood, ensuring you always have the right atmosphere for the occasion.

5. Patio Tables with Drink Coolers

Dealing with traditional drink coolers isn’t always the most fun. Usually, they sit at ground level, requiring people to bend down, lift a lid, and rummage around for the beverage they want. Then, when you’re done, you have to hoist up the cooler and flip it to drain, which isn’t a great time. Luckily, there is an alternative.

Patio tables with built-in drink coolers let you keep cold beverages within arm’s reach. Plus, since the containers are usually removable, draining excess water is a breeze.

6. A Curtained Pergola 

Usually, a pergola is one of the first additions people consider when looking for outdoor upgrades. It lets you add an architectural feature while also creating shade, both of which can take outdoor patio designs to the next level.

However, once you have a pergola, don’t stop there. Adding outdoor patio drapes can be a great way to elevate your patio outdoor space further. It can make an area feel refined, create a sense of separation between a seating area and other parts of your yard, and provide you with some extra privacy.

7. Integrated Wireless Audio

For any homeowner who loves to entertain, having a convenient way to play music near your patio is necessary. By installing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connected speakers, you can easily add some tunes into the equation. Not only can you design the system to play music evenly throughout the area, but you can control it all right from your smartphone. What’s easier than that?

Add a water feature as a patio upgrade

8. Water Feature

If your patio isn’t just a place for parties but is also an area where you like to kick back and relax, a water feature might be one of the best patio upgrade ideas for your space. Whether it’s a fountain, koi pond, or anything along those lines, you can enjoy the look and sounds of the water, making your patio serene.

Another benefit of a water fountain is that the sound can partially mask other noises in your neighborhood. For example, passing traffic may be less noticeable thanks to the white noise created by the water.

9. Trade Poured Concrete for Pavers

If you’re looking to upgrade a concrete patio, your best bet may be to remove the poured concrete and go with pavers instead. Pavers give you more flexibility in the design of your outdoor space, as they are available in a range of colors, textures, and sizes. Plus, you can use pavers to create interesting patterns while ensuring you have a durable surface.

10. Build a Vertical Garden

install a vertical garden

If you’re looking for small patio ideas that add some life to the design, a vertical garden is the way to go. Whether it’s planters attached to a step ladder, plants hanging from the ceiling or wall at different levels or heights, or a full living wall installation, going up can give you more space to work with for your garden.

11. Fence in Your Trash Cans

Many homeowners have large trash cans for outside as part of their garbage pickup service. While having them is often a must, they don’t always look great.

If you want to keep your trash cans from ruining the look of your yard, building a fenced space for them might be one of your must-do outdoor upgrades. You don’t even have to encircle the cans completely. Just add enough fencing to shield them from view, ensuring the plastic behemoths aren’t visible while you’re enjoying your yard.

12. Anchor Seating Spaces with Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug can quickly elevate any seating area. It gives the space a sense of stability, functionally anchoring the design. Plus, outdoor rugs can stand up to the elements while adding a nice cushion underfoot and a hint of color.

13. Stain Your Concrete

While most people know that wood can be stained, some don’t realize that staining concrete is also an option. With a concrete stain, you can refresh the surface’s look and even alter its color, all while adding a protective layer to the surface.

It is important to note that staining concrete is permanent. Make sure you like the color by doing a small test in a spot that is a bit hidden. That way, you can check the results before you commit to that look over your entire patio.

Bonus Tip to Make Your Patio Amazing

If your patio is structurally in good shape but has seen better days, your best bet may be to start with a good cleaning. Concrete slabs and pavers are porous, so dirt can work its way into the surface, making the slab or pavers look different or even making them a different color.

Using a pressure washer on your concrete slab or pavers can help you get rid of the grime and dirt, renewing the surface’s look. It can also work on stone or brick that’s in good condition, potentially bringing it back to life.


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