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+55 & Senior Living Communities in the Hudson Valley of New York

Senior living communities aren’t inexpensive. However, after adding up all your typical monthly expenses, you might be surprised that it’s a more affordable lifestyle than you first thought. There’s a lot included, and even though it may seem expensive at first glance, once you add up all of your monthly expenses such as:

Property Taxes

Senior living actually can become a very affordable option. Let’s take a look at what an independent living package means:

No More…

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Fitness Activities

No more gym membership fees

EntertainmentThink about all the costs of the social activities you currently subscribe to.

Dining Consider your grocery costs restaurant outings even the cost of fuel & transportation involved

Utility Costs No more fuel and utility costs.

Home Projects No need to worry about replacing the roof, or repairs


Now consider your hard-earned nest egg. Keeping your nest feathered is likely to become a huge concern. There are many senior living options and strategies that can make a difference when it comes to affordability. But first, let’s begin with looking at the many price ranges and the many options currently available to you, from +55 communities to senior living properties for rent and for sale in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Search Senior Community Latest Listings  – Hudson Valley, NY

If you see something you might like to take a look at, let us know. And if you are concerned about Covid19 safety, we are happy to take a look and share our tour with you live via Facetime, What’s App, Messenger, or Zoom, please get in touch:  (845) 848-2218


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