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$7K Amazon tiny home goes viral, sells out in minutes.

It took just minutes for Amazon to sell out of this tiny 172 sq. ft. cabin. With housing prices and property taxes continuing to rise, this “Tiny Home” may well be a solution for consumers looking to downsize, live economically and say, “Buggah off!” to high rent or mortgage payments.

The tiny home movement is finding traction in places like America’s western mountain towns, where people spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing, which is well above the norm. A recent Sierra Sun article cited a regional housing study that found, “… 76 percent of Lake Tahoe and Truckee NV area residents spend more than one-third of their income on rent, and 26 percent spend more than half of their income on rent.”

Sprout Tiny Homes is developing a PUD (Planned Unit Development) approved community in Salida, Colorado. Sprout’s homes aren’t diminutive, realty-television-ready oddities: The company uses traditional materials and building standards to make comfortable, sensible living spaces, many of which are placed on permanent foundations. They just happen to be small.

Amazon’s Nordic wood framed structure goes beyond the pale of tiny homes, It consists of an indoor and an outdoor patio section, each 9’1″ x 9’2″ in size. (86 square feet is covered.) The ceiling is 8′ 8″ high in front and 6″ 6″ at the back. Walls are tongue in groove boards 3/16″ thick. The simple design consists of a small indoor space measuring about 86 square feet with floor-to-ceiling windows and a sliding door. Adjacent to this is similar-sized covered patio with slated exterior walls for a breezy look.

According to Allwood the tiny home’s designer, the “Solvalla” garden house can be constructed by two adults in just 8 hours, using simple tools. It can be assembled in a mirror-image configuration if desired.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it. But there are a few things the Solvalla doesn’t come with. Electricity for one, so you’d better be on good terms with your next door neighbor to let you watch his flat screen TV through his bedroom window. Nor does it come with plumbing, also a reason for good neighborhood relations. The house is roofed, but shingles are left to the buyer. Likewise missing are any foundation materials, the reason being that foundation requirements often vary with location and soil conditions. And there’s no kitchen.

The “Not Included” list doesn’t end there. The walls are not insulated but they are ‘insulation-ready’, meaning that there is a cavity for the insulation material in the walls. After insulation, the wall must be either dry-walled or siding must be added to close the cavity. It is not painted, but is delivered as “natural.”

Oh, did we mention the house does not meet the current coastal wind and hurricane ratings in Florida? For that matter, it likely doesn’t pass code pretty much anywhere as a residence.

But it is cheap, now just $7,250 from Amazon, with free shipping. If you’re still interested, the Allwood Solvalla is back in stock, shipping within 3 to 5 weeks.

Finally a place for the relatives to stay!


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