Before You List Your Home: What You Need to Know About Proper Permits and Disclosures

Mar 14, 2023

by Beryl Veasey Oles SRS PSA CBR CNE CIREC SRES RSPS Mid Hudson Regional Director Global Property Systems

Before putting your home on the market, it’s crucial to ensure that everything is accurately disclosed and properly permitted. This means checking your property file with the Town to ensure everything is in order. You might be surprised at what you find, such as unfinished work or work completed without a permit by a previous owner.

For example, did someone finish your basement without a permit, or did you hire someone who wasn’t licensed to do the electrical or plumbing work? While you may have saved some money initially, it can become a big issue when you go to sell your home. You can’t list that finished basement without the proper permits and a Certificate of Occupancy, even if it adds significant market value to your home.

So, what can you do if you find yourself in this situation? Your options are limited. You could try to find a buyer who is willing to take on the problem, but you may have to reduce the sale price. Alternatively, you could talk to the Building Inspector or the Code Enforcement Officer.

It’s essential to understand that these individuals are not your enemies. Their job is to ensure that all properties in their town are safe for occupants. Even if Uncle Joe did a decent job on the electricity, the Town knows he’s not a licensed electrician, and they want to ensure that shortcuts weren’t taken. They care about the safety of their residents and will pay attention to potential code violations.

There can be various code violations in a home, and not all of them are life-threatening. However, it’s crucial to work with the Town to resolve any issues, as failure to do so could result in a problem when it comes time to sell your home.

As always, at Global Property Systems, we want to ensure our clients are fully informed and prepared before listing their homes. If you have any questions about permits or disclosures, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help you navigate the process and ensure that your home sells smoothly and for top dollar.

To learn more about how we can help, whether you’re thinking of buying a new home, selling your current home, or just wanting to add value without making an expensive mistake,  reach out to us at Global Property Systems to learn more about how we can assist you.


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