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Appealing Your Property Taxes

Last year, the GPS team helped Hudson Valley homeowners reduce their home value for Property Taxes by a cumulative $2 million dollars. This means, on average, they saved $833 each.

Not sure if you should protest your property taxes?
You should strongly consider an appeal if:

  • The values of properties that are selling are lower than your assessed value.
  • The condition of your home is below the condition of homes that are selling for the same as your valuation.

How do I appeal?
There are two ways to submit your appeal, we recommend Bruce Sokal at Or, should you wish to appeal in person, contact your local tax assessors office for the necessary forms.

How do I get a more in-depth home valuation?
As your hearing approaches, or if at any point, you need more detailed market comparisons,contact us for a comparative market analysis (CMA) . It is our pleasure to provide this free service exclusively to the members of our Global Property Systems Network.

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