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How to paint your antique home

by Vanessa Saunders When considering what paint to use, homeowners have several options. The first is to simply choose what you like and forget being true to the period of the house. At the opposite end of the decision spectrum is the choice...

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Insurance for an older home

by Vanessa Saunders If you're assuming that all homeowner's policies are the same, you could be setting yourself up for a major disappointment if you need to file a claim. When shopping for insurance for your historic house does "full replac...

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Why buy new when old will do!

by Vanessa Saunders Old Home vs New Home There's something to be said for brand spankin' new construction but you just love an Antique Home?...weighing the pros & cons. Advantages to Buying an Older Home Old world construction. ...

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Montgomery Schuyler Roosevelt House

by Vanessa Saunders As a former Brit but now proud citizen of the USA it still never ceases to amaze me at how little regard there is for historic buildings in this country. While I understand that old buildings, and I'm talking C. 17/1800's...

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Antique Home in Historic Tappan

by Vanessa Saunders Every once in a while I run across one of those charming little homes that remind me so much of my native Wales. There, they are referred to as a "Postman's House," so named because it was said the home could be afforded ...

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Lord’s Castle, Piermont

by Vanessa Saunders A good post was spotted on Lux List about our very own castle in Piermont that is currently on the market. Would love to see professional photography with better lighting on this one... A true antique home, with a lot ...

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Historic 108 Montebello Road, Suffern

Homes all have features which distinguish one from another, but one of the most interesting features a home can have is a history. 108 Montebello Road in Suffern has history up to the rafters. The home was once owned by tobacco magnate Thom...

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Tips for Buying a Historic Home

by Historic homes are a labor of love. Discover what it takes to buy, and maintain one - The landscape of America is dotted with historic residences - Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, William Randolf Hearst's Castle an...

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Historic Brady House: A Westchester gem restored .

In the hamlet of Golden's Bridge in the Westchester town of Lewisboro lies a spectacular restored Greek Revival manor home known as The Brady House. The last remnant of what was once a significant dairy farm The Brady House Greek Revival Ma...

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Historic Home At A Bargain Price!

Fantastic Investment Opportunity!!! Short Sale The Stony Point area, located at the northern-most tip of triangular Rockland County, NY is the center of a significant region in American Revolutionary War history. During the war, the King...

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