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With over 40 years of residential building experience, Connor Homes combines the exquisite detail and flawless proportion of historic architecture with a state-of-the-art, efficient manufacturing process, to produce mill-built homes that are an asset to the land, both aesthetically and environmentally. The company specializes in the American architectural styles of the 1800’s through the 20th Century, including Capes, Saltboxes, Georgian, Federal, Farmhouse, Greek Revival, Colonial Revival and Shingle Style, faithfully interpreted with sensitivity to regional vernaculars. Customers can utilize Connor Homes’ custom design services or choose one of the many plans in the collection, and all home packages can be shipped worldwide.

GetMedia (6)These stunning Custom-designed historic replicas are Silver LEEDS certified, system-built panelized houses. Combining advanced manufacturing techniques with painstakingly authentic traditional architecture they are frequently mistaken for vintage homes. With six designers on staff and standing relationships with several independent architects, Connor Homes has an impressive track record for making new houses that look and feel like homes from centuries gone by, replicating period details to achieve historical authenticity.

Like the historic houses that they replicate, Connor intends that their homes will last for hundreds of years and be passed on from generation to generation. Only top-quality materials are used in these homes and the stunning interior millwork is just one of the features that sets Connor Homes apart from other home manufacturers and builders producing an array of impeccable finishes, trims, cabinets and built-ins. Only durable, green materials are used in a waste-limiting manufacturing process recognized as having inherently less impact on the environment, promoting and enabling sustainable living. Kiln-dried lumber is used for all studs, floor joists and rafters, because it is known for its strength and resistance to warping. Many locally sourced materials are used in production and even lumber sawdust is compressed into pellets and used to heat Connor’s facility. Floor plans are efficient and designed to maximize the use of space and reduce heating and cooling costs, so that sustainability is more easily achieved over the life of the house. In partnership with their preferred builders, Connor Homes achieve high energy efficiency through their careful construction and insulation details and the use of proper energy efficient light fixtures, and heating and ventilating equipment.

Nearly 600 Connor Homes grace the landscape of the northeastern United States. The incomparable workmanship coupled with an innovative and efficient production process makes the homes a desirable and viable option throughout the US, and homes can be readily shipped across the globe. There are over 80 homes to choose from, to replicate or tweak to your own needs or desires, as long as they preserve the architectural integrity of the style and era. Visit for the company’s complete catalog of homes, history and testimonials.

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