12 Global Home Décor Styles to Travel Even When You’re Home

May 28, 2021

Global home décor styles can transport homeowners to a new world. Whether you want a reminder of your favorite vacation or to dream about where you’d like to go in the future, travel-inspired décor can bring your vision to life.

By surrounding yourself with globally inspired design elements, you create the ability to travel when you’re home. If you’re looking for the right global home décor for your home interior, here are 12 styles worth exploring.

12 Global Home Décor Styles to Travel Even When You’re Home

Bali inspired decor

1. Balinese

Bali-inspired décor is a tropical favorite. It has a welcoming, airy feel and includes a wide range of natural elements in the home. With Balinese styling, wood plays a big role in the design, particularly when it comes to furniture.

Additionally, many of the favored patterns in Bali-inspired decor have a mix of warm, earthy colors and color, watery hues. As for the patterns themselves, many have a tribal element, and most tend to lean more ornate.

2. Belgian

In many ways, Belgian design is a relaxed, open twist on shabby chic. The approach brings new and old pieces together but also has a hint of minimalism, giving you room to breathe.

In classic Belgian-inspired décor, you’ll find oversized comfy couches mixed with anchoring wooden furniture. Natural wood timber framing will offset light floors, with wall colors leaning toward the warmer side of neutral.

3. Caribbean

If you want to embrace travel-inspired décor that brings you back to warm beaches, Caribbean design may be your ideal match. Many of the colors are reminiscent of sand and surf, creating an airy atmosphere that makes rooms feel open and inviting.

Natural materials are also favored, as well as a hint of rustic flair, especially in the form of distressed furniture. Rattan and wicker are favorites in this design style, as they feel relaxed and welcoming. Pops of brighter colors can also have a home here, particularly if they mimic what you find in tropical plants.

4. French Country

When it comes to relaxed warmth, French Country takes the cake. It’s the perfect combination of casualness and elegance, creating a sense of welcoming refinement.

Often, rustic elements are a critical part of French Country décor. Layered collections of objects are also common features, creating little vignettes in key areas within a space. Additionally, colors tend to lean warmer and softer, particularly when it comes to painted furniture.

Paris-inspired décor can be quite similar, though it tends to be more minimal and a bit less rustic. You’re also more likely to see opulent elements in Parisian design, such as chandeliers. However, it’s also possible to blend these two approaches, creating a home that feels French and uniquely your own.

5. Hygge

Hygge is a Danish-inspired design style that’s all about imbuing a sense of comfortable calm into a space. Colors tend to be neutral but warm, with plush fabrics and natural greenery welcoming you to come and stay for a while.

In the end, anything that makes you happy can be part of the hygge design, as the goal is to create a sense of contentment and coziness. While the approach tends to be minimal when it comes to the palette, pops of color can also have their place, particularly if they make you smile.

6. Indian

Modern Indian-inspired design features rich colors, opulent textiles, and wood elements but is somewhat scaled back compared to traditional Indian interiors. Often, furniture pieces have a handcrafted feel and have fairly ornate details, such as intriguing carvings.

There is a level of luxuriousness to modern Indian décor, too. You’ll find subtle metallic elements adding hints of sparkle throughout the space, as well as layered patterned fabrics that create a sense of depth.

While pattern plays a big part in modern Indian décor, the color palette is more subdued (relatively speaking) than you find with the more traditional approach. There is still a sense of vibrance, but it’s balanced with livability, ensuring spaces remain comfortable.

7. Japandi

Japandi Decor

Japandi is a design approach that combines elements of Japanese and Scandinavian design. In most cases, minimalism is part of it, as the focus is on simple designs, natural materials, and a limited color palette.

Additionally, there is an emphasis on function as well as form. Everything added to the space is done so with a purpose in mind, creating a curated feel instead of a sense of sparseness. The result is sophisticated but comfortable, making it an excellent choice for anyone who prefers clean lines with hints of coziness.

8. Mediterranean

Mediterranean global style

With Mediterranean design, it’s all about indoor-outdoor living. Natural materials play a big role, as well as a slight leaning toward minimalism, ensuring views of outdoor spaces get to take center stage.

When it comes to colors, they tend to be lighter and mimic what you find in nature. Lighter blues are reminiscent of the seas, while beiges invoke memories of sandy beaches, and yellows remind you of the warmth of the sun.

9. Moroccan

Moroccan-inspired décor tends to embrace drama, particularly when it comes to patterns. Fabrics, tiles, and lights all tend to have intricate, repeating designs crafted to catch the eye and capture the imagination.

With Moroccan design, color also plays a significant role. Warm, rich tones are favored, bringing the Arabian-inspired décor elements to life. However, black and white also have a considerable part in the design approach, giving you a sense of balance.

10. Scandinavian

When it comes to minimalism, few design styles do it better than Scandinavian. Crisp white walls, contemporary furniture, and limited décor are all part of the approach. It is simplicity elevated, with every object in a space placed with intention and often serving a clear function.

While most Scandinavian designs focus on neutral colors, that doesn’t mean you can’t add color. Pops of color bring a minimalist space to life and, when used strategically, can draw the eye to your favorite elements.

11. Spanish

Spanish global home design

While technically part of the Mediterranean design family, Spanish décor does deserve its own place on the list. Overall, it’s warm and inviting, featuring an earthy and grounded feel that’s as comfortable as it is attractive.

Often, Spanish design begins with white or slightly off-white walls. From there, warm woods and textiles play big roles in the design, adding interest and serving as anchors. Ceiling beams are common elements, as well as rugs. Archways and domes are also common elements of this design, as well as terracotta tiling.

12. Tuscan

When people think of Italian-inspired décor, it’s usually Tuscan styling that comes to mind. Natural elements and colors are favored in this approach to design, ensuring you feel like you’re relaxing in the countryside. Additionally, there tends to be warmth and riches, creating inviting spaces that feel cozy.

With Tuscan-inspired décor, you’ll find a lot of stone and wood, as well as earth-toned walls and fabrics. Terracotta Tiles are a classic choice, creating a strong foundation for well-worn wood furniture and off-white walls.

Metal also has a home here, particularly copper and wrought iron. Finally, whether it be countertops, fireplace surrounds, or flooring, marble and other lighter-hued stones always have their place in Tuscan-inspired design.


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