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Help us rattle Mark Zuckerberg’s brain!

By Vanessa Saunders, MBA, MIMC , Broker Owner, Global Property Systems Real Estate.

Starbucks just joined the #StopHateforProfit movement today, so did we, (#globalpropertysystems,) by suspending our July advertising on Facebook and all other social media in protest of allowing hate speech. Here’s why you should too.

The movement’s website cites numerous examples of how Facebook has allowed hate speech on it’s platform, including:

“They allowed incitement to violence against protesters fighting for racial justice in America in the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks and so many others.

They named Breitbart News a “trusted news source” and made The Daily Caller a “fact checker” despite both publications having records of working with known white nationalists.

They turned a blind eye to blatant voter suppression on their platform.” points out that putting a dent in Facebook’s $70 billion in ad revenue could send a powerful message: that profits will never be worth promoting hate, bigotry, racism, anti-semitism and violence.

Boycotters in the mix include some pretty heavy hitters. #Unilever is stopping ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through the end of the year. #Coke, another huge advertiser, said on Friday that it would stop all paid ads on all social media platforms globally for at least 30 days. #Diageo, which spends $22.9 million promoting alcohol products including #Johnny Walker scotch, #Smirnoff vodka and #Guinness stout said on Saturday that it would stop paying for advertising on all social media platforms starting on July 1 and “will continue to discuss with media partners how they deal with unacceptable content.”

Unfortunately, even if Facebook’s top 100 advertisers stopped all FB ads, it would only account for a loss of just 6% of the platform’s 2019 ad revenue.

As it turns out, small and mid-sized businesses make up the vast majority of Facebook’s 8 million advertisers. CNN estimates “It would likely take tens of thousands of them, acting over a significant period of time, to put a big dent in Facebook’s bottom line.”

Do you realize what that means? It means it’s down to US to send the message. Small advertisers like YOU. And YOU! and ME! It’s down to US to make this message rattle around in Mr. Zuckerberg’s brain. It’s US who have to make this statement. And you know what? Tens of thousands of US is peanuts in the social media world. Ten thousand clicks on a cute puppy video happens every day! Going viral with this message is totally do-able if we all step up, click the LINK and stand in solidarity with our most deeply held American values by stopping our advertising on FB for July or longer.

Join me, and become one of the millions of US to make a difference.


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