Home sellers: Five tips on staging your home to sell.

Oct 27, 2020

Home sellers Five tips on staging your home to sell.

Home staging, which is the art of you or somebody else making your home its most appealing self for presenting to buyers, can be expensive if you let it. But there are some simple, inexpensive things you can do that will make a difference in marketing your home.

Ditch your personal stuff.
You want to allow potential buyers the chance to see your place as if it were theirs. So take as much of your stuff that says “My House” out of it and put it in storage. You’re moving anyway. This includes things like your kid’s Refrigeration Decorative initiative (this month’s theme: Tic-Tok buddy pix. Next month’s theme, Soccer buddy pix). Clear off countertops and other surfaces, small appliances in the kitchen, cosmetics in the bathroom and even the knick-knacks atop your dresser and desk.

Clean it like your Aunt Irene is coming for a month.
Buyers like to check out all the hidden nooks and crannies, just like your visiting maiden aunts do when they come visiting. Closets, cabinets, nightstands – nothing is sacred. Just make it clean. And put away valuables and all “private” appliances.

Paint it.
You’ve come to ignore those wear marks on the walls, and become downright comfortable with the kitchen done in Yuppie Yellow. Find a set of warm, complementary colors that work well in your home, then get to work going over everything (even the cabinets) with a fresh coat of paint.

The living room.
Perhaps the most important room of the house to get right. Re-focus your furniture configuration, avoiding the “campfire circle,” that is, arranging your furniture so everything is pushed up against the wall like you’re gathering around a campfire. Instead, set up one or more clustered seating areas the way people naturally position themselves at a cocktail party. (Wouldn’t you rather be at a cocktail party anyway?)

The bedroom.
Keep it clean, neat and tidy. A bed and two nightstands can be enough. Add a dresser if it feels empty. Maybe a house plant and some new bright, white sheets. DON’T allow personal equipment to get in the way like your Peloton exercise bike, or work or hobby stuff. Put that yoga mat back in the closet after your final Downward Dog.

The Kitchen
With a capital “K” because that’s where buyers tend to land after having a good look around. A few items, no more than two per surface, should decorate the kitchen space. NO FAKE FOOD! Some seasonal items like a couple of small pumpkins or squash in a bowl will make a shiny new kitchen warm and homey.

Getting ready to sell your home need not be expensive or difficult. For other ideas, consult with your Realtor for decorating trends, colors and staging ideas. There’s a reason they’re in the home business.

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