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Hudson Valley Home Buyers: Pick your new neighborhood first!

All too often home seekers get excited about a home they see in an ad or online. Or, they hear about one with a great price, special financing, a bonus or some other unique feature like a 3-car garage. Then they want to go running right out and see this beauty and maybe write a contract on it.

A lucky break? A smart move? Or, a problem? Most of the time all they have found is a bad deal and, at best, wasted a lot of their time (and probably an agent’s time) in the process. There is always a reason why a deal sounds and/or looks so good on the surface but upon closer inspection is not. The reason usually is location. Remember the old saying? Location – Location – Location.

The best approach to buy a house is:

1) Know your budget. Get pre-approved (not just pre-qualified);

2) Choose a desirable location within your budget;

3) Then pick the best home for you in that neighborhood

A good REALTOR®, preferably a Buyer’s Agent (ABR) can help with all three of these basic steps. A REALTOR® can recommend a lender, provide information on price ranges and properties for sale in any location and help you make your home selection after you have chosen the best location.

Contact a Global Property Systems REALTOR® to help you search for home in the Hudson Valley.


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