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“Revolution is based on Land.
Land is the basis of all independence.
Land is the basis of Freedom, Justice and Equality.”

Malcolm X, 1963

Hudson Valley land for residential buildings, farms, investment and holiday homes is increasingly in demand in today’s market. As in the above quote, owning land is the basis of more than just a place to build or farm. It is the measure of growth. Land in the Hudson Valley is sought after by would-be residents, builders, investors and growers because of its scarcity and stable values. Prices for land vary considerably. Like most other commodities, large parcels are less expensive than small ones, but per-acre values can vary because of specific locations, proximity to desirable towns and services, and characteristics of the property (slope, open land, views, etc).

Buying property in the Hudson Valley can be challenging. In some areas, subdividing a property may be restricted by local regulations and/or conservation easements. Also, easements by neighbors including local power companies may restrict access to a parcel of land. Keep in mind that when it comes to undeveloped land or property, many basic services are not necessarily available. Water and sewer are not available in many places. The cost of installing wells and septic may be substantial.

But if you are set on a home with some of the most spectacular views in the nation, or a farm in the rich black dirt soil of Upstate New York bringing local produce to the burgeoning number of farm-to-table restaurants, or carving out a piece of your own independence in a quiet cabin in the woods, there is land to be had. Use this page to gain access to the latest information on available plots, acreages and developments in the Hudson Valley.


Building your own home or having one built to suit your personal tastes and needs starts with a plot of land, a dream and a plan. The advantage of a custom-built home is that the owner is able to make the decisions regarding all aspects of the home, from the size and orientation of the structure to the layout, amenities and more, down to the color of the front door. For many, building a home to one’s own personal specifications is a statement of independence and freedom. Click on the links below to see available building properties in the Hudson Valley, based on listings in five area multiple listing services.











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Small and large acreages are becoming more desirable in the Upstate New York real estate market because of the increasing demand for locally produced vegetables and farm products in the farm-to-table movement. The resurgence of heirloom varieties of fruits, vegetables and ancient grains has made those products especially desirable as a new profit center for growers.


Click here to view vegetable and produce farms
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Game farms and upstate weekend homes have been a part of the Hudson Valley since the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers sought comfort there to escape hot New York City summers. Since then, land for seasonal deer and bear hunting, bird watching and summer homes has been a high priority for many sportsmen and vacationers. Now is the time for builders and people considering recreational property to move on the opportunities currently available.

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Investors in undeveloped land get in on the ground floor of whatever building trends appear on the horizon. Desirable land has always held its value regardless of market conditions. Now, more and more investors are coming from overseas, hoping to capitalize on the stable prices of undeveloped properties in New York. Overseas buyers come from all parts of the world including Asia, eastern Europe and the Middle East to stake out potential land for development and building sites in the Hudson Valley and close to New York City.

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