The GPS Inherited Homes Program

Inheriting Real Estate Can Be A Real Mess


If you have been appointed as an executor of an estate you probably know by now this responsibility is not to be taken lightly.  Because the GPS Probate team has so much experience buying and selling inherited and probate properties, we have created a program specifically to help families navigate the process, overcome the challenges and sell the real estate for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.


 5 Tips For Selling Inherited Homes Quickly for Top Dollar

1.  Hire A Professional

Do you want to sell for more money and not have to deal with the problems?  If so you should hire a professional.  Statistically 90% of sellers use a professional and they net 20% more from the sale than they would selling independently.

Selling an inherited property can be very complicated and time consuming so hire a professional with experience to advise you…You’ll be glad you did.

2.  Hire Experience

Not all REALTORS are created equal.  The average REALTOR sells only 8 homes per year and spends less than $500 in marketing annually.  We have a team of highly educated full-time professional probate advisers who have hands-on experience in dealing with the purchase and sale of homes ranging from condemned houses to luxury estates.  We are the choice professionals for a large network of local investors who pay cash and close quickly, we buy and sell homes ourselves and over time we have built a very strong network of estate attorneys, title companies, contractors and estate sale companies required to get the most money out of an inherited property in the shortest time.

Our experience in working with inherited properties gives you a competitive edge you will not find elsewhere.

3.  Price Appropriately

Pricing is the first of the two primary factors necessary for homes to sell.  Nearly 66% of homes listed  do not sell because they are overpriced.  Homes that do sell are priced appropriately and in turn, the market responds with interest and offers.   Our team will prepare a comprehensive Market Absorption Analysis (MAA) that does more than the traditional Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that agents have used for years.  We take an in depth look at what has sold but we also go a step further and look at what did not sell and what is still for sale to determine what needs to be done to get you the highest possible price considering the current market.  If you are realistic on price you can expect to sell quickly and if you are willing to make small investments that we recommend you can greatly increase your sale price and shorten the market time.

4.  Market Aggressively

Marketing is the second of the two primary factors necessary for homes to sell.  In order for buyers to get excited about your home they have to be able to find it.  Our proprietary marketing package includes a variety of ways that we reach the consumers and other agents both online and in person.

The bottom line…we make sure your home is presented in the best light and can be found anywhere and everywhere buyers are looking!

5.  Negotiate Wisely

When homes are priced appropriately and marketed aggressively we generate significant interest from multiple buyers and their agents which means you negotiate from a position of strength knowing that you have plenty of qualified buyers to choose from.

Our team of professionally trained negotiators will guide you through this process and offer advice where needed to get you the highest price with the least amount of risk and effort.

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