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Vanessa Saunders a former global executive, knows how important a good relocation agent is to the success of a family’s transition. She was relocated to S.Africa, Australia and the USA in her past career, relying Real Estate professionals to help her make informed decisions. When she changed careers and entered real estate in 2002 she vowed to be the best relocation agent in the area.

Our relocation service provides companies and individuals with relocation solutions to make the transition to New York as smooth and cost-effective as possible. We recognize that such moves present unique challenges to individuals, families and Human Resource Departments.

Cultural and linguistic barriers can intensify a sense of displacement and undermine a successful assignment. Our knowledgeable team is able to provide comprehensive, individualized packages to meet the varied needs of each and
every client. By paying close attention to detail and listening to your concerns, we are able to avert the numerous potential pitfalls of an unsuccessful relocation.

Transferees are able to adapt quickly and seamlessly to their new office and home
environments. Whether you are relocating across the United States or across the globe, we are here to help your move be smooth!

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