Something’s Fishy in the World of Real Estate: The MREA Mystery

Oct 23, 2023

By Vanessa Saunders  Founder & CEO – Global Property Systems

Dive deep into the world of real estate, where market fluctuations are as unpredictable as ocean currents, and you might stumble upon an oddity. An enigma that’s been causing ripples like a fish out of water: the MREA.

For those on dry land, ‘MREA’ might sound like the next prime coastal property or perhaps an exotic marine species. But for one particular agent, this acronym is a trophy he proudly showcases in his underwater castle. With the confidence of a shark, he boasts the ‘MREA’ or “Millionaire Real Estate Agent Award” for a stunning five consecutive years. But here’s the catch: MREA, upon a closer glance, appears to be the title of a motivational book by Keller Williams. Not an award, but a book. Something seems fishy, doesn’t it?

And oh, the depths this acronym has traveled! It graces the green endeavors of Montana’s Renewable Energy Association, mingles with the diligent folks of the Minnesota Real Estate Association, and even reaches the distant shores of the Malaysia Real Estate Excellence Awards. Unless our agent possesses a magical submarine, this story’s waters are getting murkier by the minute.

This kind of embellishment, or “puffing” as it’s called in real estate circles, might remind you of the pufferfish: seemingly harmless but with the potential to inflate into something far more deceiving. Such tactics might momentarily dazzle like a bioluminescent display but stray from the ethical guidelines that anchor the profession.

The lighthouse guiding these waters should be the broker, ensuring each tale remains true to its course. Yet, within the vast expanse of mega agencies, perhaps a few fish tales sneak past the net. And the National Association of Realtors (NAR)? Currently navigating not one but two Class Action whirlpools, their sonar might be a tad preoccupied.

In the vast ocean of real estate, where trust should be as consistent as the tide, puffery muddies the waters. It’s imperative for the industry to chart a course back to clarity and transparency, ensuring each narrative is as genuine as the pearls in a clam. After all, real estate isn’t just about sealing the deal but doing so with integrity and honesty. Now, wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh sea air?


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