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Testimonials from our Buyers

I was extremely happy with Global Property Systems.  Vanessa is simply lovely to work with.  She made sure to get to know me personally and my requirements before she paired me with Joyce Watson.  Joyce was extremely professional and so easy to work with.  She was really good at streamlining the process so that we optimized our house viewing time.  It was an easy and fun process as a result.   Vanessa and Joyce do not force their opinions on you.  They really worked to make sure I would be happy long-term.  Vanessa also referred me to a really great mortgage company that was also easy to work with.  Barry Goldenberg from Luxury Mortgage was so very helpful and easy to work with.  Overall, I feel Global Property Systems and their support network care for their home owners beyond the sale.  I am very happy with my new home!
A.W. Nov 2018

“I am a global real estate developer and I have worked with Vanessa regularly over the past several years. Vanessa is the top broker I have dealt with in the country, flat out. She has a strong sense of the big picture. Other brokers are much more transaction-based, but Vanessa sees opportunities for long-term potential. She is not just trying to push a product, she has the client’s interest at heart. No one else is able to match Vanessa’s sophistication and her ability to understand the needs of the individual. She knows what makes sense and is also straight-forward and honest about what does not make sense for a given client. I recommend Vanessa and her company highly; Simply the best — point blank.”

Ben Soh – Singapore Jan 2017

“Every member of our company that has moved both in or out of the Rockland/Westchester area and used Vanessa’s services constantly remind us to thank  her for continuing to help long after they’ve moved in or out.  Her personal help and obvious care and attention has helped many of our executives and their families make the relocation transition seamlessly and easily.   We are delighted to have her on our team”

Mastercard HR Dept. Purchase, NY  Nov. 2016

GPS is amazing. I was relocating to New York this summer when the team in Manhattan helped me purchase a co-op on the Upper East Side. Not just one, but a team of the hardest working agents I have ever come across. GPS will find a way to get things done when others would simply throw up their arms. Also, they have an amazing network of people (from the attorney to the house painter) who are client tested and recommended, all we have used have been excellent. Overall, you really feel like you are in the best hands when working with Global Property Systems.  Richard Blassman NYC December 2016

Dear Vanessa “We truly appreciate all the hard work you put in to helping us locate, research and purchase our property. The exceptional personal service provided by you and your team certainly should be commended. You can definitely count on our recommendations for your services to our friends…”

D.S.,  Formerly Miami, Now New City

We recently moved to Rockland from Bad Kissingen, Germany. Vanessa was assigned to us by our Human Resources Relocation Director at Mercedes Benz. Thanks to her my entire family settled in easily and quickly. She arranged everything for us from Attorney’s to school interviews, even meeting us at the airport when we finally arrived for good in the longest limo we’ve ever seen! My children were thrilled with their welcome packs and my wife so happy to find the “essentials” already stocked in our fridge and larder after a long  and emotional journey with 5 young children. We thank you Vanessa for becoming such a good friend and finding us a home in such a lovely area. Frans and Monique Heinzman

“I have purchased homes on five occasions now. Vanessa Saunders is by far the best real estate broker with whom I’ve ever worked. When it comes time to recommend a real estate broker, we will always recommend Vanessa.”

Best Regards,
T. D., Formerly Maryland, Now Nyack

Dear Vanessa,
“Buying our first house in Rockland was a daunting proposition. Your help made it all work. We especially liked your enthusiasm, kind words, and advice about the fine points of the deal we made!”

L.W., Formerly Minnesota, Now Pomona

Vanessa: What I particularly appreciated about you was:

  • You were always honest and candid.
  • You never wasted my time.
  • You were at all times a thorough and persevering professional.
  • You did everything in a timely manner, with a positive attitude.

With deep gratitude,

Amy M., Formerly Washington DC., Now Piermont

Vanessa: I cannot begin to adequately express my deep appreciation and gratitude for all that you both did to help me through this grueling house-buying process. Relocating across country was at the very least daunting.  Your very high level of expertise, knowledge and professionalism were why I wanted to work with you, but I was also continually grateful for your warmth and heartfelt friendliness during those moments when I got discouraged.  I am firmly convinced that I got the best representation from initial listing to final closing because I was working as a team member with your team.  Thank you all so very, very much for all the guidance and many little extras that you provided.  Now that I’m almost settled in my new home, I want to invite you all to a relaxed social call when scheduling permits.  Thanks again, a hundredfold.

Best Wishes,

Donna H. Formerly CA, now Monroe

Dear Vanessa ; We sold our home through you and found another lickety split. You and your team are amazing! Our little girls continuously ask when are they going to see you again, and thank you for the wonderful book tokens you sent them recently. The way you helped us as a young family to organize both the sale and the move to our new home couldn’t have been more slick. Every service provider from moving company, attorney and yes even our new mortgage banker was such a good recommendation. We can’t praise you enough. Thanks for everything and don’t you hesitate to send anyone our way if you need a great testimonial!!

The keegan Family Formerly Pearl River, Now Warwick

Miss Vanessa: We want to thank you for making our move to America so much easier than we expected. Your understanding of our individual needs, language and culture is exceptional. We continue to call you to ask for advice and direction even 12 months after our move. You are always willing and able to help us with a smile. Thanks to you again.

Yin Ho Family, Formerly Beijing,China, Now Nanuet.

From our family to yours, from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you every success in these difficult times.  You made our move so smooth we hardly noticed the transition and found life long friends in the process. Eternally gratefully. The Patrick Family from Edinburgh Scotland. Now living and loving it in wonderful Rockland.

In my search for another home to buy the wonderful, personalized website you provided me to keep track of my searches and maps showing me where those homes are located was just fabulous and a real time saver. All of the data on this individualized site makes it easy for me to keep track of things and allows me to see short sales and foreclosures available in the area. This speaks again to your clear undertsanding of my individual needs and wants so that I do not feel like just another number in the system. FANTASTIC MARKETING.
As long as I live in this area I will only call on you and your team to buy and sell any home I have. Of course you’ll have to eventually add Sullivan Coutny as well as that’s where I am right now! Thank you for your professionalism and real estate saavy that I have yet to see anywhere else. Your team is lucky to have such a leader!
Joan Oppenheimer, Formerly Monroe, Now looking in Sullivan and looking in Orange with the V Team!

“Vanessa is a very friendly, professional and thorough Real Estate Agent. She went out of her way to ensure that we saw as many listings as possible, in a timely and organized fashion. She monitored every step of the offer and closing process to guarantee that all of our best interests were served. Above all she was easy to get along with, and always a pleasure to speak to and meet with for showings. We would highly recommend Vanessa to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in Rockland County.” – – Richard and Emily Wessells

“I have been working with Vanessa Saunders for the past five years. Vanessa always has her client’s best interest at heart, and works hard to find them the right property. She will show them as many properties as it takes to find them the right one. When I work with Vanessa and request her assistance, she always comes through with the information that I need. She helps me secure the financing very quickly. Vanessa is an honest, hard working real estate professional that I would always highly recommend. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vanessa and look forward to continue working with her in the future”
Michael Most
Branch Manager
Wells Fargo Mortgage

“Vanessa was a pleasure to work with when we purchased our first home. She is very knowledgeable and took much time and care to make sure that as first time buyers we were educated in the process. She listened to our needs and wants for our first home, did research and compiled listings so that my husband and I were never looking at houses that we did not love. Because my husband and I have schedule conflicts and were planning a large wedding, viewing houses could only be done at very specific times. Vanessa’s flexibility and availability made it possible for us to see all of the houses we wanted, when we wanted and in a timely fashion. From beginning to end, her attention to detail allowed for a much enjoyable house hunting experience. Thanks to Vanessa we are in the home we love, in a wonderful neighborhood, and close to family and friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor.” – -Leah and Scott Luczynski

“Vanessa Saunders proved herself a real professional in regards to the purchase of our house. Our real estate transaction depended upon the sale of a house in Florida. She expertly helped us to negotiate three extensions and diligently and patiently helped us through the process. We were first time buyers and it was very good to know that Vanessa was in there with us every step of the way.” – -Michael and Denise Mais

“Honesty and integrity are important qualities to me. I look for them, as well as do my best to model them, in every aspect of my life. Although I wasn’t too sure I’d find them in a real estate agent, I looked anyway. I have known, or have had contact in some form, with quite a few agents over the years. Let’s just say, honesty is not a high priority for everyone. Vanessa, however, I find to be honest and sincere. She has done her best to help me through the “home finding” process. She knows what I am looking for and tries hard to work around my schedule for showings. If anyone is looking for a fast talking, hard sell, pushy agent, they should probably look elsewhere. However, if they’re looking for someone who will keep their best interests in mind, work hard for them, and be truthful, they should talk to Caroline!” – -Tammy McNamee

“I have worked with many Realtors and I can honestly say that Vanessa is, without exception, one of the most honest and hard working Realtors that I have had the pleasure of working with.As a real estate investor, I would say she consistently exceeds my expectations for finding the deal and helping to put it together. I look forward to working with her again in the future and can whole-heartedly recommend her service to others.” – – Chuck M.

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