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Where do Hamptonites go next?

by Vanessa Saunders

As more and more upscale Hamptonites pack up and leave their luxury seafront estates, siting taxes and ocean waves both of which have become rather overwhelming. Where are they going?

We can now share that we are seeing some checking out some of the higher end listings in the former blue collar resort area, of Greenwood Lake, NY. Known in local parts as The Biker Resort, and certainly there are a still more than a few around. This 10 mile sliver of water traverses across state lines from New Jersey into beautiful Orange County, NY, A mere 50 miles from Manhattan, GWL and is fast becoming the new place to be seen afloat on a (speed) boat.

Derek Jeter lives here, Morgan Freeman & Virginia

Madson stayed here, and several “well known’s who prefer not to be named,” hide away in this unassuming, but picturesque area. As Hedge and Wealth fund managers dribble in one by one, we are seeing prices steadily tick up. There are currently 3 properties on the market priced over a million, commanding NY Mansion taxes. All 3 are getting a steady flow of high rollers. We have seen bidding wars of recent, taking prices much higher than anyone would dare hope for in previous years. No these homes aren’t Hamptons worthy, but take a ride along the lake and check out some of the best

kept secrets around. Some of these properties are truly spectacular, all are very private, some come with private sandy beaches, others with deep water docks, all offer stunning sunsets and a tsunami free, LIE (Long Island Expressway) free way of life. No the restaurants and clubs and polo fields aren’t here yet, but there are some great restaurants tucked away, for those in the know. Glenmere Mansion is just one. But what you will find, is pristine, clear waters, sea planes, wineries, antique stores, horse trekking, winter skiing, championship golf courses, water parks, and hundreds and thousands of state park to explore. And if you can drag yourself away from your media room on a cool summers evening, there’s even a drive in nearby! All less than an hour from Manhattan.

Right now there’s something for everyone’s budget, but I doubt that it will stay that way for much longer as word gets around. Click on our search widget for all the properties currently available on Greenwood Lake or nearby. We look forward to showing you around.


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