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How big should your down payment be?

When looking at financing options when applying for a mortgage, home buyers can often choose how large a down payment to make. Lenders will have minimums for most of their mortgage options, but buyers can usually put more down, and there ar...

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Nine Bahamian islands to drool over on a snowy day.

There are six inches of freshly fallen snow on the walk to my front door. What better reason to write about the nine Bahamian islands recently listed for sale and prime candidates for winter dreaming! Located 70 miles off the coast of ...

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What to do if your real estate agent lies to you.

A lender we know who does business in the Hudson Valley mentioned he'd experienced a recent rash of real estate agents incorrectly disclosing property taxes to a buyer. Whether a case of guesswork, laziness or outright fraud, real estate agen...

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20 Things You Should Do BEFORE 2020.

I'm not a list maker but this one made me laugh, cry and pledge allegiance. Here are twenty things to do BEFORE 2020. They're from Rachel Hite, a contributor to real estate zine Inman News.(REALTORS®- If you don't read Inman, you should.) Th...

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