GPS Commercial handles different property types, including retail and commercial buildings and condos, multifamily apartment buildings, townhouses, mixed-use investment buildings, industrial properties, and development/conversion sites.

Our community of professionals is experienced in representing properties of all sizes and values, from $500,000 to portfolios exceeding $100 million.

If you’re looking for a commercial property, then let the commercial property experts at Global Property Systems help you with your search.

Our extensive knowledge of the area and market makes us the ideal choice to help you locate your business.

Recent Articles for Commercial

Our experts share their tips and advice on all aspects commercial real estate in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Trust at Every Turn

Trust at Every Turn

Pioneering Transparent Real Estate Transactions with GPS I’m Vanessa Saunders, the Founder, and CEO of Global Property Systems (GPS). Eleven years ago, I established GPS with a clear and distinct mission - to challenge the status quo of traditional real estate. What...

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fractional investments

Fractional Investments

It’s time to enjoy some peace of mind with safe, profitable, and liquid investments

All investors are looking for high rates of return on their investments, but they also want to know their funds are safe and accessible. When you invest in fractionalized asset shares with SoildBlock, you benefit from enhanced liquidity and fast, secure, low-cost transactions with the push of a button.


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