10 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Oct 27, 2021

Every year, there is a new set of interior design trends making their way across the country. For 2022, many of the trends are driven by people’s experiences during the pandemic. Comfortable, low-stress spaces are increasingly popular. Additionally, the desire to bring nature indoors is guiding color selection and material choices.

Ultimately, the home and color trends in 2022 make a lot of sense when viewed from a post-pandemic perspective. People see their homes differently now than they did before, which plays a significant role in their choices. With that in mind, here’s a look at ten interior design trends for 2022.

10 Interior Design Trends for 2022

1. Minimalist Design

minimalist design

Minimalism has been growing in popularity over recent years. However, the increased desire to rid one’s life of clutter and streamline spaces is an even bigger trend for the coming year.

The reasons minimalism is making a mark on home décor trends in 2022 mainly relate to a few specific things. Due to the hit Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, many people embrace decluttering on a whole new level. It made getting rid of excess stuff trendy while keeping it easy, increasing overall interest.

Plus, the pandemic and increase in remote work have people viewing their homes in a new light. Homes are where everything is happening, so creating spaces that support every kind of activity is essential.

Freeing up space and the stress-reducing benefits of decluttering make minimalism more attractive. Additionally, rooms with less stuff are easier to clean and manage, making them less cumbersome on multiple levels.

As a result, people are cutting back on their belongings in droves. You’ll see far fewer trinkets adorning shelves or tables. While throw pillows certainly won’t go away, they may be less bold, allowing them to blend with furniture with greater ease.

Ultimately, the streamlined aesthetic is leading the way in 2022, ensuring homes feel like a retreat instead of a burden.

2. Soothing, Earthy Neutrals

When it comes to color trends in 2022, soothing, earthy neutrals are making a mark. Paint colors garnering more attention include soft beiges, light sages, dusty blues, and other nature-inspired hues. Even darker paint colors feel less bold, often because the shades themselves, while deep, are muted.

The earthy neutrals trend also applies to furnishings. Hues reminiscent of natural wood and leafy green plants are being favored for upholstery. Yellow, oranges, and reds are muddier, allowing them to stand out without overwhelming a space. Whites are getting creamier, making them less stark.

Overall, serenity is becoming the name of the game. Furniture and paint colors that make spaces calm, warm, and inviting are emerging as staples for homeowners, making them one of the strongest interior design trends in 2022.

3. Curvy, Retro Lines

In years past, sharp edges and strong corners were on-trend for furniture. Now, there’s a shift in mentality, sending people in new directions as they try to curate calmer, gentler feeling spaces.

For furniture 2022 home décor trends, one of the biggest is curvy, retro lines. Sofa backs and arms are more rounded, and coffee tables are ovals instead of rectangles—even rugs and wall art favor curvy, organic shapes for the upcoming year.

As a result, many 70s style pieces are making a comeback. The flowing lines align strongly with the aesthetic, leading furniture designers to pull a lot of inspiration from that decade.

4. Bringing Nature Indoors

add plants to your home

During the pandemic, shelter-in-place orders and social distancing requirements caused many people to have a greater appreciation for the outdoors. As a result, more homeowners are looking for ways to bring nature inside, making this one of the biggest 2022 interior design trends.

When it comes to how to bring nature indoors, plants and natural materials are leading the way. Large windows with minimal treatments are also more common, ensuring that nature is visible from every room.

5. Natural, Sustainable Materials

Similarly, natural, sustainable materials are also one of the biggest 2022 interior design trends. It allows homeowners to introduce organic elements in an earth-friendly way. Not only are they bringing more nature indoors, but they’re also doing it without unnecessary harm to the environment.

Materials like bamboo, cork, jute, and glass are making their way into furniture, flooring, counters, and more. Plus, interest in reclaimed wood and recycled metal pieces is also rising.

The lean toward natural, sustainable materials is also impacting the home décor color trends in 2022. Beiges and browns are becoming far more common, as well as gentle off-whites and creams.

6. Warmer Kitchens

For years, white kitchens have been all of the rage. That’s what makes this one of the most surprising kitchen design trends in 2022. Instead of just bright white, warmer colors are making their way into the equation.

Adding natural wood lowers, updating backsplashes to feature more earthy tones, and favoring marble-like countertops with hints of cream and brown are all on the table in 2022. Generally, natural mid-tone hues are the go-to option, giving kitchens a Zen garden-like quality.

7. Dedicated Workspaces

dedicated office set up

While homeowners want the convenience of a nearby work area, they don’t want their professional life to be ever-present during their personal time. Since the work-from-home trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, dedicated workspaces are increasingly the norm.

Whether it’s a separate home office, carving out a nook, or using an armoire desk, homeowners are finding ways to create spaces for work. However, they’re also working to maintain separation, ensuring their downtime is genuinely their own.

8. Black Accents

While many of the home design trends in 2022 focus on earthy hues, that doesn’t mean homeowners are shying away from all drama. Instead, black accents are increasingly a staple. They contrast well with warm woods and similar organic hues, grounding a space while adding interest.

This trend isn’t limited to a particular room. You might see a black furniture piece in a living room or a wrought iron-style light fixture over dining tables. As part of the new kitchen trends in 2022, black hardware is making its mark.

9. Emphasizing Comfort

Most people spent far more time at home during 2020 and 2021 than they had at any other point in their lives. As a result, it shouldn’t be a surprise that comfort is one of the leading interior design trends for 2022.

Comfort is being explored from several angles. Soft, durable textiles are a big part of the equation, along with supportive, cozy furnishings. Additionally, soothing, relaxing colors are part of that picture, making spaces comfortable on multiple levels.

10. Textile-Inspired Walls

textured walls

When it comes to big wall art trends in 2022, textile-inspired walls are making waves. Patterns that create a sense of texture are popping up in living areas, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Vintage florals are increasingly popular, adding a bit of nostalgia and charm to spaces. Grasscloth and woven-like textures in subtle shades are also on-trend, making wallpaper seem more organic.

Often, the goal is for the patterns to stand as their own form of wall art. That way, there’s visual interest combined with minimalist sensibilities.




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