8 Reasons to Love the Hudson Valley

May 11, 2022

Whether you’re from the local area or a far-flung land (or state) and are looking for a new place to call home, the Hudson Valley is a must-consider. The region offers a vibrant landscape, distinctive culture, and convenient amenities. Plus, it has a unique history, one that’s worth exploring in person.

If you’d like to discover the Hudson Valley and learn more about what it offers, here’s a bit of local history, along with eight reasons to love the Hudson Valley.

hudson valley new york

Hudson Valley, NY

The History of the Hudson Valley

Exploring a bit of Hudson Valley history helps you understand how the area grew, changed, and evolved over time. Back in 1609, Henry Hudson sailed upriver in search of the Northwest Passage. When he reached Haverstraw Bay, he initially believed he was successful, docking his ship can establishing the area as the first Dutch settlement in North America.

While it was soon discovered that the Northwest Passage was not in the area, the potential of the Hudson Valley drew interest due to its trade potential, leading to the establishment of colonies along the river. Initially, the fur trade reined in the region. However, as time passed and claims to the land changed hands, it became an agricultural center brimming with crops.

At the start of the Revolutionary War, the Hudson River became a vital waterway. Numerous battles took place in the area, including the Battle of Stony Point, an engagement that was critical to an eventual American victory. The region became home to West Point, the military academy, in relatively short order.

cannon at stony point battlefield state historic site

Cannon at Stony Point Battlefield

The region later gained a bit of notoriety due to the release of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving, giving the area an eerie reputation. However, that was partially countered by the Hudson River School of Art, a movement known for breathtaking landscapes.

Another interesting point in Hudson Valley history involved the Appalachian Trail, the initial stretch of which spanned from Bear Mountain through Harriman State Park, making the area a mecca for hikers. Later, when Consolidated Edison attempted to build a power station near the base of Storm King Mountain, residents launched what later became the modern environmental movement, as locals aimed to focus on preservation and aimed to stop the project.

Ultimately, that’s just a glimpse into the intriguing history that happened over the centuries in the Hudson Valley. There’s far more to learn for history buffs, making the area a fascinating destination for people of all ages.

8 Reasons to Love the Hudson Valley

Along with an intriguing history, the Hudson Valley has a ton to offer people of all ages with any interests. Here’s a quick look at eight reasons to love the Hudson Valley.

1. Hike the Hudson Valley

hike mohonk preserve

Mohonk Preserve

If you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, the Hudson Valley is an exceptional fit. Hiking opportunities abound thanks to the plethora of parks in the area.

Hikes in the Hudson Valley range from easy beginner trails to advanced climbing adventures. Start with a casual stroll down Sky Top Road at Mohonk Preserve. If you’re more daring, consider the Labrinth and Lemon Squeeze.

In the end, there’s something for everyone, and it’s all just moments from your doorstep. That’s just one of the reasons why people love the Hudson Valley.

2. Spectacular Fall Foliage

fall colors near highland ny ulster county

Fall Colors Near Highland, Ulster County, NY

For the leaf-peepers out there, it’s hard to beat the Hudson Valley region in the fall. Whether you want to take a scenic drive down, hop on a fall foliage cruise, or a simple walk among the leaves at a nearby park, you can’t deny the beauty of the season.

3. Delicious Apples and Cider

The Hudson Valley is renowned for its orchards, making it an excellent destination for anyone who enjoys a nice, crisp, sweet treat. Plus, along with amazing apples comes delicious cider. The fresh, local ciders are available in a range of varieties, including hard ciders and nonalcoholic variants, organic options, and eco-certified versions.

4. Outstanding Schools

students walking

If you want to make sure you or your family get a quality education, look no further than the Hudson Valley. Certain Hudson Valley schools rank among the best in the United States.

Plus, many of the colleges in the Hudson Valley are known for offering top-notch experiences to students. Along with being home to West Point, Vassar College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and many other institutions of higher learning are all in the area, making it easy for locals who want to further their education.

5. It’s Home to Woodstock

woodstock in bethel ny

Bethel NY, Site of Woodstock

Perhaps the most famous town in Hudson Valley, Woodstock is a fun, friendly destination revered by locals and visitors alike. It maintains much of its “peace, love, and music” vibe, though also evolved, emerging with stellar arts, food, and entertainment scenes. Whether you want to peruse quirky boutiques or enjoy live music, there’s something here for you.

6. Where Art Is Part of the Culture

As mentioned above, the Hudson River School called the area home, producing breathtaking landscapes that captivated the masses. While the group primarily worked between 1825 and 1870, the picturesque region remains a favorite among artists looking for inspiration in the natural world. As a result, everything from small galleries to large museums thrives in the Hudson Valley.

7. An Outstanding Climate

If you appreciate sunny summers but enjoy some snow in the winter, the Hudson Valley could be your perfect match.

Summer days welcome warmer temperatures while the nights are comfortably cool, making it perfect for spending time outdoors until the wee hours. Light jackets keep you cozy in the fall while you wander through the jewel-toned leaves. The lows are chilly but manageable by winter, making it easy to remain comfortable. Once spring arrives, the sun’s warmth welcomes green buds, giving the area new life.

Overall, it’s an excellent climate that lets you enjoy all four seasons.

8. Sleepy Hollow Is Here

sleepy hollow

Sleepy Hollow Village near Tarrytown, NY

If you’re a fan of all things spooky, living in the Hudson Valley might be your perfect match. The area is home to the famed Sleepy Hollow, an eclectic place brimming with historical sites, beautiful parks, and family-friendly events, all with a haunted twist.

It’s also a great combination of natural beauty and modern amenities. As one of the Hudson River towns, you can spend a lovely afternoon meandering along the water’s edge, enjoying the foliage while being close to conveniences you’d find in any contemporary city.

The Hudson Valley – An Amazing Place All Year-Round

As you discover the Hudson Valley, you’ll quickly see why so many people adore living in the region. From beautiful seasons to amazing recreational opportunities and the various hidden treasures of the Hudson Valley, there’s something to do and see all year-round.

If you’re considering making the Hudson Valley your home, start that journey right away. Visit the area to see more of what it has to offer, or contact Global Property Systems to learn more about homes for sale in the area. In the end, the Hudson Valley has something to offer during the spring, summer, fall, and winter, so why delay? Begin your new adventure today.


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