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fractional investing in real estate

What Is Fractional Investment in Real Estate?

Fractional investment in real estate is a relatively new concept that opens new doors for investors who can't gain entry into this sector otherwise. It's a new pathway toward financial growth, making investing in properties far more accessible....

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barn conversions to homes

Converted Barns: Our Agricultural Cathedrals

Many people find barns inspiring. Old barns have a unique sense of nostalgia and Americana, coupled with rustic opulence. Their soaring lofts, rustic interiors, mammoth posts, and expanse-spanning beams have a similar feel to the awe-inspir...

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how to declutter wardrobe

How to Declutter Your Home with Minimal Stress

Figuring out how to declutter your home can be surprisingly challenging. Many people are motivated by the idea, only to become overwhelmed when the time comes to take action. As a result, they never actually starting decluttering. Does that ...

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Garage office conversion

14 Genius Places to Put Your Home Office

Carving out a space for your home office can seem like a daunting undertaking. Most homes and apartments don't have official office spaces. Instead, residents have to get creative, finding ways to rework rooms or other areas to make working...

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feng shui swimming pool in south

The Feng Shui of Swimming Pools

In many cases, feng shui principles and home design best practices go hand-in-hand. While feng shui focuses on how energy moves through a space, it incidentally leads to many wise decisions regarding the positioning of various home features...

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Spring Home Maintenance Tips clean gutters

10 Spring Maintenance Home Tips

When most people think of spring cleaning, they focus on decluttering and scrubbing the inside of their home. However, spending time on exterior house maintenance is also wise. There are many activities that homeowners need to tackle to keep...

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spring cleaning hacks

12 Spring Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Home Sparkle

As the weather gets warmer, homeowners around the country turn their attention toward spring cleaning. It's a chance to freshen up your space, a process that can be quite invigorating once it's done. The trick is, spring cleaning can be ...

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