Firing Clients: Upholding the Value at Global Property Systems

Nov 7, 2023

By Vanessa Saunders – Founder & CEO – Global Property Systems

At Global Property Systems (GPS), we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service to those who are serious about their real estate journey. That means we’re selective about the clients we work with—because not everyone is ready to understand the value we bring or to engage in the process at the level required.

Buyers Who Aren’t Ready

We have encountered prospective buyers who, despite their interest in purchasing a home, are reluctant to take the crucial step of getting qualified for a loan or showing proof of funds. This is a non-negotiable step in the buying process. GPS is here to guide serious buyers through every step, but if you’re not ready to demonstrate your financial readiness, you’re not just stalling your own home purchase—you’re also diverting our attention from clients who are prepared and waiting to make their move. We want to focus our expertise on buyers who are as committed to buying their new home as we are to helping them find it.

Sellers Who Want Traditional Methods

For our sellers, we employ strategies that work effectively in today’s market. Traditional open houses, while popular, are not always conducive to selling your property for its maximum value. GPS prefers to vet all potential buyers before they walk through your doors. We do this not just for efficiency but for the safety and security of your home. Are the visitors qualified, or are they simply “casing the joint”? Our experience tells us that a more targeted approach not only maintains the integrity and security of your home but also leads to better results.

We’re not the right fit for everyone. If you’re a buyer who isn’t ready to prove your buying power, or a seller holding out for traditional selling methods that don’t align with our modern, data-driven approach, we might not be for you—and that’s okay. We’re not here to waste anyone’s time or resources, including ours. Instead, we’re here to create a tailored experience for our clients, ensuring that every step of the process is purposeful and leads to a successful outcome.

At GPS, we stand by our values and our commitment to quality service. By focusing on clients who recognize and appreciate our value without asking for unwarranted commission cuts, who listen and trust our process, and who are genuinely ready to engage in a meaningful property transaction, we enhance the experience for everyone involved.

When we say we fire clients, it’s not done lightly. It’s a commitment to integrity, value, and respect—for our clients, our agents, and the real estate industry as a whole.

Ready to Move Forward with Confidence?

If you’re ready to work with a team that values your time as much as you do, understands the importance of a well-qualified buyer, and employs the best strategies for selling your property, then you’re ready for Global Property Systems. Let’s connect and make your real estate goals a reality.


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