The Temperature is Rising. But it isn’t Surprising: Navigating Property Ownership Amidst Climate Challenges in the Hudson Valley of NY

Jul 26, 2023

By Vanessa Saunders – Founder & CEO – Global Property Systems Real Estate

“The temperature’s rising, but it isn’t surprising…” Yes, you’ve got that tune in your head now. It’s almost as if Marilyn Monroe herself is serenading us with a sultry warning of the summer heat here in the Hudson Valley, NY. And just like Marilyn, climate change is impossible to ignore as it steps into the limelight and presents property owners with a dramatic new set of challenges.

**A Heatwave… Right in Your Wallet**

As our metaphorical Marilyn croons about a ‘heat wave,’ the costs rise with the mercury. The demand for air conditioning spikes, and energy use and prices are hitting the high notes. Cooling systems in properties without energy-efficient upgrades are working a round-the-clock encore, making utility bills perform their own sky-high routine.

**It’s Too Hot for the House to Handle**

Structures, like stage props under intense spotlights, buckle under the extreme heat, threatening their integrity and longevity. Just like a record left in the sun, excessive heat damages elements like wood siding, paint, roofing, and foundations. As real estate investors, we need to anticipate these hot new trends and factor these impacts into our investment strategies.

**Health and Safety: The Crescendo of Concerns**

Much like the climax of a show-stopping Marilyn performance, the health risks to property occupants are amplified by extreme heat. Vulnerable groups, such as children and the elderly, face an increased risk of heat-related illnesses. Without suitable systems, our ‘heat wave’ can turn into a tragic drama of serious health risks, tenant turnover, and reputation damage.

**Outdoors Feel the Heat**

Outdoor features, once the lush backdrop to our Hudson Valley homes, are now feeling the heat. Under intense temperatures and prolonged dry spells, our beautiful landscapes and outdoor spaces are fading, with stressed trees, grass, ornamental plants, and damaged hardscape structures.

As the lyrics of “We’re Having a Heatwave” echo around us, we must heed the warning: extreme heat is a significant risk to Hudson Valley property ownership. But at Global Property Systems, we believe that knowledge is our script to change the narrative.

By integrating accurate data into our decisions, we can adjust our strategies to better dance with the rising temperatures. Incorporating energy-efficient upgrades and emergency cooling systems can ensure that our properties don’t miss a beat in the face of climate change.

The Global Property Systems team is committed to playing the orchestra of data from government, academic, and institutional sources, helping you choreograph your approach to these challenges.

We can’t stop the heat wave, but with the right tools and information, we can ensure it doesn’t steal the show. Let’s rewrite the script for a resilient future in the Hudson Valley, one property at a time. Just as Marilyn Monroe made her mark on Hollywood, let’s make ours on the real estate market with a sparkling touch of sustainability and resilience.

We have the tools to help you prepare your home for what’s coming next. Get in touch, and we will share the information you need to stay safe and protect your property investment.


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