Trust at Every Turn

Jun 20, 2023

Pioneering Transparent Real Estate Transactions with GPS

I’m Vanessa Saunders, the Founder, and CEO of Global Property Systems (GPS). Eleven years ago, I established GPS with a clear and distinct mission – to challenge the status quo of traditional real estate. What set us apart then, and what sets us apart now, is our unwavering focus on the client – the person who makes it all possible.

Unlike large franchise models with a focus on sheer numbers of agents, GPS is small by design. I firmly believe that a lean, dedicated team can deliver superior, personalized service; our record supports this belief. We’ve always prioritized quality over quantity, ensuring we work with top-tier, area-specialist agents who understand the unique attributes of their regions.

Four years ago, I took a crucial step that would chart the future course of GPS. I returned to school, attending MIT’s Sloan School of Management, where I was certified in Blockchain Technology, Innovation, and Application. This education opened a new door for us, introducing GPS to the world of blockchain, which has transformed our business model by enabling us to offer secure and transparent transactions.

Despite blockchain often being confused with cryptocurrency, the two are not synonymous. Blockchain is a pioneering technology, much like the internet was a few decades ago. I’ve had the privilege to teach and present about the use of blockchain in real estate internationally, and I can confidently say that it’s an exciting time to be in this industry.

Looking to the future, we see potential in a new frontier: the Metaverse. Already, we’re making strides in the world of Fractional Investments, predominantly with our commercial clients. The recent negative media attention on cryptocurrencies has prompted many to question their safety as an investment. While I am Crypto Certified in Real Estate and have executed numerous cryptocurrency transactions, I am aware of these concerns.

Our primary focus has been working with clients who exchange their cryptocurrency holdings into fiat money to diversify their investments in real estate. This practice is more common in international transactions, where peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges are more advanced than in the U.S., though we anticipate this trend will reach our shores soon.

However, while we prepare for the inevitable arrival of broader cryptocurrency use, our immediate priority remains the same: providing a safe, secure space for our clients. Blockchain technology is the vehicle that allows us to do this. It ensures security and transparency in every transaction, distinguishing it from the volatility often associated with cryptocurrencies. At GPS, we’re leveraging this groundbreaking technology to its fullest potential to offer our clients ‘Trust at Every Turn.’

In GPS’s journey, we’ve consistently challenged the status quo, found homes differently, and explored innovative avenues in real estate. As we move forward, we’re proud to introduce our new tagline, “Trust at Every Turn.” It encapsulates our commitment to transparency, security, and unwavering dedication to our clients.

GPS is redefining real estate, shaping the industry with blockchain, and ensuring that trust is at the core of everything we do. As we explore these new frontiers, we invite you to join us to experience a different kind of real estate service – one that is secure, transparent, and trustworthy.

If you’re interested in our journey or want to know more about how we can assist you, connect with me, I  would be delighted to chat.


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