Design your home BEFORE you move in!

Jun 4, 2020

Design your home BEFORE you move in!

By Vanessa Saunders, MBA, MIMC, Broker Owner, Global Property Systems Real Estate.

Imagine you’re about to close on your new house, and in a few weeks, you’ll be moving in. You undoubtedly have thought about where to put your stuff – will the sofa fit the living room? Will the dining table be too big? Too small? Or is it time to replace it? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to plan every aspect of your move before it happens?

There is. The process is called Move Management and some interior designers offer it as part of their services. Interior designers do a lot of things behind the scenes. Most clients never consider these services until they experience the benefits they provide. Furniture and space planning are some of those services.

Simone Eisold, an interior designer in the Hudson Valley offers Move Management and organizes client spaces for a move. She explains, “What you do with your space and how you arrange your things is incredibly important, especially when moving from one home to the next.”

Eisold’s process starts with a good look around, taking a pre-move home inventory of everything her client is taking with them. She then takes measurements of the furniture and accessories, as well as measuring the space available for it. She advises clients about what will work in the space, what won’t, and suggests things they should consider buying for their new home.

Laying out floor plans
The next step is to make a miniature floor plan of the rooms, to scale, and populate the plan with also-to-scale representations of the client’s furnishings. Eisold describes the planning, “We draw it out for the new home and move things around without any of the manual labor required. We are able to quickly and easily rearrange the things in your home to give you more space, and ease your movement around the floor space.” For many buyers these days, a home office is in the plans. A designer can organize the space with a view toward efficiency and increased productivity.

Color plans and finishes
Your interior designer also handles pre-move changes in construction finishes and decorative finishes. They can help to select finishes and colors for doors, walls and ceilings, as well as hardware and hinges. Providing the right paint finishes and colors will complement the design and highlight the decor of your home.

Moving day organizing
One of the most vexing parts of moving in is the confusion and wasted effort when moving day isn’t well organized. Eisold advises, “To ensure a smooth move, have your designer mark all the rooms showing the exact location for furniture placements in your new home. Although boxes and furniture are marked by the moving companies to place in each room, this extra step will get the set-up of your room faster and more accurately.”

Once the boxes are moved and the unpacking begins, a designer can help configure kitchens, wardrobes, and closets and systematically organize their client’s belongings. Eisold adds, “With the placements of mirrors, art, and photography, positioning decorative objects and plants we finalize our services and your new house will feel like a home.”

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