Maximizing ROI: Tips for Choosing the Right Tenants for Your Rental Properties

Mar 3, 2023

By Vanessa Saunders MBA MIMC Broker/Owner Global Property Systems Real Estate

At Global Property Systems, our goal is to make the investment property process as easy and successful as possible. We provide professional services that help our clients purchase their desired investments and select the best tenants for their properties.

Our team of experienced professionals takes care of all aspects of the process, from finding the perfect property to screening potential tenants. We understand just how important it is to select qualified renters with a proven track record who are able to pay rent on time and abide by the rules of the lease agreement.

We use a variety of methods to ensure that we match our clients with responsible tenants who will be a good fit for them. First, we conduct an in-depth background check on each tenant applicant, including employment verification, income, residency history, credit history, and criminal records. Through these steps, we can determine if an applicant is likely to succeed as a tenant or if there are any red flags that may indicate an issue in the future.

It’s also important to us that all rental applicants feel respected and protected throughout this process. Our Global Property Systems team works hard to ensure our clients have access to quality renters while providing all applicants with fair treatment during our screening procedures. As part of this mission, we follow strict guidelines from state and federal laws such as Fair Housing Laws, Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), and other regulations related to tenant screening.

At Global Property Systems, we want our clients to rest assured, knowing they are getting the best rental matches for their investments. By combining professional services with detailed screenings, we’re confident that when you let us help you purchase your next investment property, it will be matched with reliable tenants who will keep your property safe and profitable in years to come!


Are you thinking of buying or selling an investment property, or are you a potential tenant looking to find the ideal rental property? Either way, Reach out to us at Global Property Systems to learn more about how we can help.


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