Summer in the Hudson Valley

Jun 9, 2022

Summer in the Hudson Valley is fantastic. The warm days make spending time outdoors particularly enjoyable. Plus, lush greenery is a hallmark of the area, adding a sense of life and vibrance that’s genuinely enjoyable.

With children out of school and many people heading out on vacations, it’s common to seek out things to do in Hudson Valley in summer. Fortunately, there are plenty of options. Whether you’re looking for a nice place to lounge in the summer sun, a bit of adventure, or Hudson Valley festivals, the choices can feel near endless. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here is a look at some of the best things to do in the Hudson Valley in the summer.

gertrudes nose hudson valley

Gertrude’s Nose – Ulster Co

Summer Activities in the Hudson Valley

Enjoy Hudson Valley Beaches

When the temperatures rise, few things sound as refreshing as a trip to a Hudson Valley beach. Fortunately, several amazing options are available, allowing you to choose a destination that offers the right vibe and has the amenities you’re after.

River Pool

For swimming in the Hudson River, make a trip to River Pool at Beacon. The cove ensures there isn’t a strong current, and the space is enclosed, making it a solid choice for families with younger kids or anyone who isn’t a strong swimmer. Plus, you can stroll around a nearby park or head into Beacon for a nice meal.

Kingston Point Beach

If you want to learn a bit about local history, then Kingston Point Beach is your best bet. Along with enjoying the lovely sand shores, you can walk the Kingston Point Rail Trail to get views of the Rondout Lighthouse. Plus, you might spot some signs of the amusement park that once operated in the area or an errant brick from the former Hutton Brick Works factory.

Rudd Pond

For beachgoers that also want to find some of the best camping in Hudson Valley, NY, take a trip to Rudd Pond. Located in Taconic State Park, the small lake offers plenty of opportunities for lounging along the shore. Plus, it offers great swimming and fishing, all with quick access to modern amenities.

Explore a Local Park

Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Minnewaska State Park Preserve

During a Hudson Valley summer, few activities are as popular as heading to a local park for some hiking, biking, or riding. Plus, there are often opportunities for swimming, bouldering, boating, picnicking, and more, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

With so many parks in the area, it’s often hard to decide where to start. If you’re overwhelmed by choice, consider making a trip to Minnewaska State Park Preserve. Along with excellent trails, you can check out the numerous waterfalls, head up to a cliff for an outstanding view, or marvel at the crystalline sky lakes.

Explore Outdoor Art Exhibits

If you want the enjoyment of a park with a bit of something extra, then Storm King Art Center should be your go-to destination. The 500-acre outdoor art museum features large sculptures, beautiful meadows, and touring forests, all of which work in harmony to highlight the best of one another.

If you’re also looking for a bit of live music, consider heading to the art center for A Summer Night. Along with a live performance, food trucks and hands-on activities make it fun for the whole family.

Stroll the Walkway Over the Hudson

walkway over the hudson

Walkway Over The Hudson – Poughkeepsie Entrance

If you’re looking for an opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy the summer sun, consider taking a stroll over the Walkway Over the Hudson. It’s the longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world, measuring 1.28 miles from gate to gate. Along with being great exercise, it’s a fun way to enjoy the local scenery.

The Walkway often hosts events at the parks near the entrances during the summer. That can be a great way to enjoy some live music or other performances during your visit.

Go Camping

Camping in Hudson Valley, New York, is a favorite pastime for many families and couples. It’s a chance to spend time in nature, making it easier to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. Plus, you can find outstanding spots along some of the best lakes in Hudson Valley or other prime locations, giving you access to more potential activities.

If you’re looking for campgrounds in Hudson Valley, New York, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Along with options in many parks, there are privately run campgrounds throughout the area. Consider what amenities you’d like available and which camping method you’ll use. Then, find a property that matches your needs.

Tour a Winery


A winery tour could be a perfect option if you’re looking for adult-oriented things to do in the Hudson Valley this summer. You can learn more about the wine-making process while spending some time outside wandering through a vineyard. Plus, most tours come with tastings, allowing you to sample the best of what the winery has to offer.

Since tours can be popular options, it’s wise to make reservations in advance. Additionally, it isn’t a bad idea to read up on the available wines if you get to choose the ones you’ll sample.

Hudson Valley Summer Events

Wine & Food Fest

When it comes to summer events, it’s hard to beat a Hudson Valley wine festival. However, by bringing great food into the mix, this quickly becomes one of the must-experience Hudson Valley summer activities.

The Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival features plenty of delectable treats. Along with wines, there are spirits and ciders. Plus, there are amazing savory foods, live music, art vendors, exhibits, and so much more.

While it’s easy to assume that this is one of the events in Hudson Valley, New York, that wouldn’t be family-friendly, that isn’t the case. There is plenty for people of any age to explore, ensuring everyone can have a great time.

Shakespeare Festival

For locals or visitors that enjoy a bit of theatre, look no further than the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. Three different shows will be making their way to the stage during the summer. Along with a classic by Shakespeare, two modern plays are part of the rotation. That ensures there’s something to fit every taste.

Plus, the venue itself is something to behold. The large tent adds that bit of something extra to the experience, all while allowing you to enjoy a great show while appreciating some fresh air.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

hot air balloon

If you’re looking for some family fun as the summer draws to a close, the Hudson Valley Balloon Festival is an excellent choice. Dozens of colorful hot air balloons will take to the skies, and you can even reserve a ride on some of them. If you prefer, you could opt for a helicopter ride instead, allowing you to view the event in a completely different way.

Plus, there are fireworks every night, adding a bit of magic. Couple that with great food and fun vendors, and you can easily spend an entire day exploring the festival. It’s also a great option for enjoying live music in the Hudson Valley, as artists will be performing throughout the event.


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